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Fujifilm DX100


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I have buy used DX100 but not have any background about the startup for this printer. I have all software MS01 v4.2 and 10 and I have MS13,16,18,14,12 MSP48. Really I use F570/7700/5000R/340.

Now dos any one tell me about the install this printer its same old Frontier 5000R in software’s or other way

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Install DX100 system software. It is enough to test printer and print pictures ( one by one ) .

To add Fuji software :
Install virtual LAN ( Loopback Adapter ) and connect it . If have real LAN and it is connected then not necessary.
Install MS01 ( server with printer support , printer - none, scanner - none )
Install MSP48
Install patch ( it is with MSP48 )
Register DX100 on MS01 ( add printer , select USB port and register )
If want can install other MS modules ( MS16 and other ) . 

On printer maintenance registered only standard papers and sizes. If need new paper, or size first register on standard printer maintenance utility and after that on MS01.

To make high level adjustments need DX-100 service software.

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