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Multiple EZ Controllers to one printer


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Hello all. I am, for the first time, trying to connect a second EZ Controller (HS-1800) to a 37 series minilab, which has a dedicated EZ Controller PC running it. I've been able to get the printer added on the HS-1800, but am having trouble registering print channels. The printer system and profiles have been installed. Do I need additional software to print from multiple EZ Controllers to one minilab? How are orders managed?

I greatly appreciate any help/advice.

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Thanks for the reply Technor. Yes, I can have them all controlled from one, but I want to send orders from different EZ-Controllers to the same minilab. Is this even possible?

Should I be looking into using Noritsu Hotfolders (does this work on 37 series) or something else instead?

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One my customer printing on one minilab from three computers with EZ controllers and everything work.

Print channels can be programmed even without added printer. On stand alone scanner you also have print channels for virtual printer. When you registered real printer then need select it and connect print channels to this printer.

I think will be more easy on this EZ controller load other EZ controller backup. Then all EZ controller settings will be transferred. On new EZ controller you have registered the same printer and have all print channels. After that you need add your scanner ( on input media menu ) , register digital ice and masking ( environment menu ) and add scanning services ( output media menu - writing ) . Might be you need to change settings on few print channels, but everything should work.

Minilab will sort printed orders. First will be printed order, where first pressed "Order" button ( F3 on standard keyboard ) . If need to print order faster it is possible to change order priority ( change on EZ controller order management menu ) .

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Heyo, thanks for letting me know this is possible. Here is where I am running into issues - the printer is added but I'm getting an error trying to change output for the print channel. I installed the printer system on top of the HS-1800 EZ controller that we were already running, do you think its necessary to do a fresh install with printer first as you said? I'd rather not lose all of the scanner settings - would it be possible to load both back-ups?




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During printer registration need enter different group name ( not VirtualGroup ) . Then if on print channel to select new group you can make print channel settings.

As I wrote before more easy to load other EZ controller backup. Then all settings will be transferred into new EZ controller. Manually you need only register scanner and scanning services. It is very easy, if compare with print channels.

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