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V30 wont stop replenishing


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Hello everyone! I have a V30 thats been nothing but trouble. I've fixed everything so far but it has this odd glitch where it continues to replenish as long as there is film running through the machine. It will only stop replenishing when the waste tanks are all full or all the film is out. All my replenishment amounts in the menu are set to usual amounts for the fuji chemistry kit. Thank you in advance for any advice

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Ignore message, which is written above. He wrote nonsense and seems he likes to do it. Not first time see it.

If replenishment doesn't stop and waste tank full then replenishment pump is 100 % working. Doesn't work replenishment pump control circuit and pump is always powered. 

Look LED 1, LED 2, LED 3 and LED 4 status on POWER PCB 2 . When LED is dark pump shouldn't run. If LED is dark, but pump still works then faulty POWER PCB 2.

Write LEDs and pumps status. Then can tell more.


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