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Noritsu QSS32XX and QSS37XX SD


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  • Deepanshu changed the title to Noritsu QSS32XX and QSS37XX SD

Maybe Noritsu QSS32XX SD and QSS37XX ? 

On Noritsu QSS32XX SD and Noritsu QSS32XX ( without SD ) printer is the same. Different only workstation ( CS-2 on  models with SD and CS-1 - models without SD ) .

Noritsu 37 can be with standard printer ( QSS37XX ) and HD printer ( QSS37XX HD ) . HD printer resolution is higher. 

Noritsu 37 was based on QSS32. It was improved model. QSS32 and QSS37 ( not HD ) has similar quality. Fuji LP7500 - LP7900 are green painted QSS37 ( not HD ) with replenishment from Fuji cartridge.

Print quality depends how printer is adjusted and software used to print. With  QSS32 and QSS37 can use the same software ( EZ controller running on W10, or W11 ) , so no difference here. 

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Fuji LP7500 is Noritsu QSS3702 F . They are not HD .

Fuji LP5700 and LP7500 have the same fast process ( CP49E ) . Noritsu software has many optional correction modules. Also there can load profiles for printer and monitor, select correction options and use other settings. I think using all that you can achieve what you need.

Find Noritsu QSS37, or Fuji LP7xxx, print picture and compare with picture printed on LP5700 ( or LP5700R ) .

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Respected Sir 

Ignore message, which is written above. He wrote nonsense and seems he likes to do it. Not first time see it.

its Depend on your workflow. tank turnover, paper chemistry and main think is Good experience operator. 

if operator work in very good machine without experience quality prints not come.  if your operator is good 

 they can give you best Quality result if machine is normal 3201 


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Respected all minilab forum members. 

i just write my opinion about that Question of Quality and its true when i work in kodak as a quality controller. i see The Quality is a depend on Printer and paper chemistry if operator and paper chemistry is good you can make a best result i see in my QMS time two labs in same area one has a old machine and one lab use brand new model with upgrade software and technology. But they use cheaper paper cheaper chemistry and non-experienced operator make prints there. 


its same as a hotel cook if hotel decoration is very good, and cook is not well experienced this hotel closed soon. 

Thanks, with warm regards! 

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Respected sir 

No need to say sorry you are right on your question. if i like to buy a new machine i ask many questions about technology and software but as per my experience i just explain you when i work in kodak as a Quality controller i see many labs results i make master print same image from my CD (that time no pan drive (1999-2007) and compare results some time if machine is Brand new and Operator is not well experiences person no Quality maintain there 

Anyway, your question is Genuine. if you like to buy new photo lab. i just share my experience. 


Best of Luck 


Thanks, with warm regards. 



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