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Ecojet processor DP-2000E convert into system with liquid replenishment.


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Did someone have  a manual or Idea, how to convert ecojet ( tablet ) processor (DP-2000E)

into a system with liquid replenishment.

I think it will works over the water pumps, which dispenses the liquid replenishment instead of water,

but how to turn off the pill control?


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DP-2000E is not processor. It Is printer on R2 mInilab. Processor is some PP-86xxx. Marking is on processor side and processor label.

Conversion manual doesn't exist. I know how convert ecojet into minilab with liquid replenishment. 

Also into R2 can add long print ( 491 mm instead of 382 mm ) , new  R3 software options, upgrade software and workstation software install on W10/W7 .

Write private message, if need anything.

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Sorry, my mistake when writing, of course, is the processor PP-8611 TB.
Would be nice to get information on how to rebuild or convert the system to liquid replenishment.
Or does anyone know,where to get the ecojet-pills, and deliver them to Germany?
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Tablets were produced only in Germany. About Tablets can ask maker. Now it is called TETENAL 1847 GmbH . Tablets there are on web page :
Not sure, if they have them. Can contact and ask.

Your minilab is mixture. Processor is from R1-1000 and used R2-700 printer. R1-1000 Ecojet processor ( PP-8611TB ) on software usually works as 868 S-J. Do not know, why on your software selected 878 S-J . By the way - 868 and 867 were on old analog Konica minilabs : Konica NPS-868 Super J ( with processors CL-PP8611U/TA, CL-PP8601U/TB) and Konica NPS-878 Super J ( with processors CL-PP8711U/TA, CL-PP8701U/TB ) .

It is possible convert any ecojet processor ( with tablets ) to liquid replenishment. If you want to convert I can help to do it. After conversion you need to use liquid chemicals ( for fast process ) . I can explain how to do step by step and you do everything yourself.


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