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Printer´s timer abnormal


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E-LP-2306 is not general error. It is only message that printer time is incorrect and will be used time, which is on computer.

GMC27 has timer integrated circuit. There is printer time.

Check time on computer. If it is correct then problem is on printer. On printer can be faulty backup coin battery ( it is soldered on GMC27 ) , or timer IC ( it is on GMC27 ) , or some other GMC27 problem. First check board battery. If in stand by mode voltage is low you need change it. Battery is soldered, so not so easy to replace it. Before board removal on Fuji software make printer backup. Might be latter you need restore settings.

When timer doesn't work your printer in the morning can't start automatically and after manual startup you have wait until chemicals will be pre-heated. So better to fix it.

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I figured that would be it because last year I tested it and the voltage was low on this GMC27 battery.

I noticed that she is not power on with the timer.

Whats menu number should I back up?
It's on floppy disks, correct?

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The easiest way to save printer data and restore is in the computer hard drive

To do so enter maintenance menu with password 7777 then select menu  printer maintenance adjustment setup then scroll down on your right and open (data save) once in select all then click enter to save. After servicing your backup battery on gpr23 or even Change this board select the second option (data download) to restore your original parameters 

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