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LP5900 maintenance menu freeze


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I've got a small but annoying issue on my Frontier 590 that I've been trying to fix.

The issue is that when I go into the maintenance menu where I can fine adjust/calibrate/etc, I have an abnormality. I can access any menu option easy, the first time, but on the second attempt to enter one of the menu options it locks up on LOADING DATA.

So, for example, when I enter the Calibration option that lets me print a calibration strip and measure it with my densitometer, it'll briefly flash LOADING DATA, and then properly enter the calibration screen. But if I were to back out of that screen, and then re-enter it a second time, it never gets past LOADING DATA.

There is no error, and the program doesn't crash. It just locks up. I have to end-task the software and relaunch Panda to get back into the menus, and once I've done this I can only enter any menu option ONCE.

I originally thought it was an issue with my old ICIII/FMPC computer hardware, but I've recently done a fresh install on two more powerful computers and the problem persists. I'm out of ideas.

Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance! 

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Hello again!

Running the 4.2 ms01 through win7 32-bit - on both server and FMPC. 

Printer: Ver3.0-0x-001

We access the maintenance menu on FMPC (but we access FMPC by using remote desktop on our server computer, since FMPC doesn't have dedicated monitor). 



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