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Just bought a v30 starting to notice issues with the screen it looks like the bottom pixels are missing. When I click on basic replenishment amount it appears as something is trying to be displayed at the bottom of the screen. I'm looking to confirm that my screen is the actual issue not my incompetence. 

Thanks for the help


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LCD and keyboard - two different things. LCD is to display and it is a little faulty ( has one line ) . Anyway you see everything. It is not necessary to replace it.

If you press button, but can't change then keyboard is not working. You need to change keyboard.

Keyboard is p.n. J440001 .
LCD is p.n. I079039 ( I079030, W403744 and few other )  .
Whole unit ( keyboard, display and other parts ) - Z026150 ( Z015135 ) .

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2 hours ago, zacklmaker said:

Then how do I change replacement rates? When I click on basic replenishment rates or pump amount settings nothing happens

The bottom line of the display is missing (faulty display) but you should still be able to change the Basic repl. Amount.

Once Basic repl. Amount is highlighted, press Yes, then use the + and - key to change the values, use the down arrow key to move to the next line / page. Press Yes once you have adjusted the rates.

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