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Noritsu V30 Dryer Temperature Error 025 and service mode


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I tested a Noritsu V30 by cleaning the pumps, filters, loadings, and running test films for 2 weeks. However, this morning, when I turned it on, a "Dryer Temperature Error" was displayed. I did checks: the temperature sensor is functioning, the dryer fan is running, and the heater looks OK. I removed the safety thermal-state plugs, but the same error persists. The F17 fuse appears ok. If I turn on the drive, the heater does not heat up with error. Considering a reset to clear the error, should I turn DS2 pin 2 to the "On" position? I'm new to the service mode and have never attempted it before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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If here is film processor hardware error then you can't reset it. Need fix film processor and error disappear. Take multimeter and find what is wrong. Can be that dryer temperature really is not correct ( dryer control circuit, dryer heater, fan, dust in this area ...) , faulty safety thermostat, connectors, transformer, power supply, or even boards.

Contacts inside safety thermostat contacts normally are closed.  So it correct when safety thermostat connector disconnected you see error.

There are two service modes - for user and for service engineer. To access user service menu menu it is enough enter password. To enter service mode for service engineer need insert service floppy and enter engineer password. If DS2 pin 2 set to ON then you can access any menu without passwords. 

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Thank you! The error disappeared!

I checked safety thermostat, it is closed.

Reconnected it maybe helped. or 

I unplugged whole machine for 5 hours.

and did service manual number 3.

Don't know which one makes error gone.

Thank you! for the service mode explanation!



Probable cause

The temperature is high or low, when the film passes the dryer unit.

Corrective action

Control the temperature around the machine by ventilation or other means.

1. Press the NO key.

The alarm stops.

2. If there is the film being processed, wait until the development process finished.

3. Increase or decrease the temperature around this machine by ventilating.

4. Press the NO key while pressing the YES key.

The error message disappears.

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