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Fuji SP500 PLD Communication with CCD error


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i am new here and just acquired an SP500 that previous owner said it used to be working fine

however , when i power it up , green LED at the front goes on and red LED on right stay on

i hear that fans briefly spins then stop

it connects to USB and detected successfully , however i receive the error PLD Communication with CCD error

is it a faulty scanner?

LED behavior are normal?

fans? feels like it trying to start then stop however Scanner detected

please advise



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Yes I have both switches in the On position (front and back)

I measured voltage on this 2 blocks (not sure if those are the only one you refer to) attached photo and only got 5V DC

Fans seems try to start then immediately stops


Output check menu throw error as attached





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If you measured correctly then your power supply doesn't work. On main board two connectors - CTL3 ( 24V ) and CTL7 ( 5V and 12V ) .

Also should be power suppliers on other boards ( +12V,  +20V, -12V, +5V, -5V, +24V on connectors PZR1, CCD2, DLE1, ADC2 ) . 

I was talking about output check menu on scanner system software. There can run everything ( motors, etc ) . Do not see scanner system software symbol on your screenshot.
You selected "output devices" on MS01 menu. You have not any output devices ( printers ) , so this menu will not work.

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i took the whole power supply outside and disconnected all cables to check if there is something from control inside boards affects it.

but turns out that the power supply itself not working properly

turns on then off instantly , sounds like short circuit protection somewhere on the Power supply boards .

power supply fan turns for instant then stops as well 

its the power supply for sure , don't have any idea if it can be fixed or not😑

probably i'll return to the seller , maybe this is why he sold it pretty cheap


best regards


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To test power supply can disconnect connectors, but have to leave connected connector PS9 ( two pin power switch connector PSW1 ) . Should be all power supply voltages. 

I repaired these power suppliers and after that they worked. Power supply quite complicated, so need to have experience to repair them. 

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