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fuji 570


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hello, i got an issue with my fuji frontier 570.  the m700 proccesor  drive motor  is not working well. i already changed m700 motor and its board the motor works sometimes but it sudenly stops working. when i force manually  and then i turn the drive on the motor works. but when i turn off the proccesor drive and try to print out the motor does not work. can any body help me please. Ive had this problem for weeks.

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On motor driver should be :
power suppliers ( 24V and 5V ) 
ON signal ( to turn on motor )
DIR signal ( which direction motor has to rotate )
CLK signal ( pulses, frequency depends what motor speed should be )

Might be too low power suppliers, missing ON signal, or missing CTL signal. Power suppliers and control signals - connector PDB12 ( on PDB23 board ) .

If have all signals, but motor doesn't rotate then can be :
Faulty motor driver
Faulty motor ( hall effect sensor inside it )
Mechanical problem ( motor overloaded and can't move processor racks - especially when speed is lower ) .

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