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Fuji DL 600


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To install DL600 need :
DL600 system software ( to register printer and make maintenance )
DL600 connection module ( to connect DL600 to MS01 )
MS01 software ( Fuji order printing software - at once can print whole order )
MS software optional modules ( from MS13 to MS21 - can be installed, but not necessary ) .

To test printer is enough DL600 system software. Then you can make printer maintenance and print test photos. Also using print driver can print pictures, but only one by one. Need open one picture, make corrections, set paper size, paper orientation, select paper, select other printing options and only after that can print one picture. Then have do the same with next pictures. Using print driver can't print whole order.


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Everything written on post above. 

You need DL600 system software ( to register printer and make maintenance ) . On software included print driver. Using it can print pictures, but one by one. Need open picture, edit, enter dimensions, orientation, select paper and print a picture. Printing is absolutely the same as on home printers. It is not comfortable and takes a lot of time. Anyway it is enough to test printer and make adjustments.

To print orders need some order printing software. Standard Fuji order print interface is software MS01 . To register DL600 on MS01 need connection software.

DL600 system software is designed to work on W7 32 bit. The latest connection module is for W7 32 bit also ( version ) . Not sure, if they can work with MS01 on W10 64 bit. 

If need help to install printer - write private message.

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