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Noritsu qss2301 cirkulation pump


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Noritsu qss 2301. I would appreciate it if anyone knows what the problem is. Every 5 or 6 minutes it gives me an error that circulation pump stb1 is not working, so I press ok and then stb2. then it works for a few minutes, then gives me an error saying that stb3 is not working. I click ok then stb4. I emphasize that even while throwing out the error, the pumps are working normally, spinning water and creating a stream. I unplug the connector and plug it in to clean the contacts, but the same thing happens again. So the pumps are constantly working fine, but the error appears every few minutes. Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

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I haven't worked on a 2301 for about 25 years so I can't remember exactly where it is, or even if that option exists on the 2301.

Enter the service mode.
Check the following menu locations
Processor settings
Operator selections
Machine Specification

Ideally check every pump connector, the white wire is for the rotation sensor, ensure the connector pins are not tarnished or corroded.

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I still need your help. I cleaned all the contacts, but the pump still works normally, but every few minutes it gives me an error as if it is not working. I changed the board because I thought that was the problem but still the same thing. What should I look at next? Could it be something else, for example the thermometer, that is reporting an error?...

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