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Earth leakage circuit breaker 2 automatic turn off

Anay rajput

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Your minilab model is Noritsu QSS3701.

Do you mean leakage circuit breaker NFB2 disconnects automatically? First try disconnect all heaters and power on without them. If NFB2 will not disconnect then one heater is faulty. Turn off minilab and connect one heater. Turn on minilab and look what will be. Do the same with other heaters. This way can find which one is faulty.

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J/P662 on board - all three heaters ( CD, BF and STB ) .
Heaters also have individual connectors J/P762 ( CD heater ) , J/P763 ( BF heater ) and J/P764 ( STB heater ) .

J/P765 is connector where connected heater unit. On board - connectors J/P657, J/P659 and J/P660. Do not think, that dryer has current leakage to ground.

Disconnect J/P662 ( connector on board ) and try turn on minilab. Look what will be with leakage circuit breaker NFB2 .

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First need to find why NFB2 disconnects. All other need search after that.

Have do all step by step. First check input voltages on NFB2 input ( between input contacts ) , NFB3 input ( between input contacts ) and NFB4 input  ( between input contacts ) . There should be 200 - 240 V a.c. ( depends where are you from ) .

If all three voltages are correct then :
Disconnect J/P650 ( level sensors )  . Then relay X1 will not turn on and voltage will not go into minilab.
On processor control pcb remove fuses F1, F3 and F4. Then heater control circuit will not get a power.
After that turn on minilab. Look NFB2 disconnects, or not.

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It is best to concentrate on one issue at a time.
Ideally you need to measure the voltage going in and coming out of NFB2 as Minilab service has suggested.

As a test you can swap the position of NFB2 with NFB3, if it then starts tripping in the NFB3 position it will likely mean the breaker itself is faulty.

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Total mess in your posts. It is impossible understand anything.

In one post wrote "NFB2 disconnects automatically also machine is not initialize. No connection between ez controler ( computer) and machine".
Second post - "it's been a year ago. We are facing dryer heating problem now".
Third post - Today we have printed 400 print and we get 10-12 times laser synchronous error" .

NF2 disconnects, machine is not initialize, no connection from EZ controller, heater doesn't work, but somehow made 400 prints and had laser synchronous error. It is impossible. Only if you stop to write nonsense can give advice.


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