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"ghost images" on MS01


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To delete orders from main window ( where see orders ) - just select and on keyboard press "delete".
Stuck orders ( sent to print, but not printed ) can delete on Panda.
To delete picture, or order files, which you do not need you can delete them from Windows. Just close MS01 and delete these files ( on  D and C ) .

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Press View. Then select your stuck order and delete it.

If MS01 installed with additional security ( default instillation option ) then might be on MS01 need enter support mode ( admin ) .

When you have Fuji printer made by Noritsu ( Fuji LP7500 = Noritsu QSS3702F ) it is recommended to use new and modern Noritsu software ( released this year ) . You can install EZ controller ( the latest 8.10 ) , printer system software ( the latest - 19.30 ) , profiles ( the latest - 4.82 ) and optional modules ( there are many of them ) . Software can be installed on any Windows ( W7, W10, W11 ) . If need can help to install it.

The latest Fuji printer software - N1 version 4.0 . It is old and outdated ( about 10 years ago ) .

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On your print channels selected to print on any printer. That is the reason why you see it. When you have connected only one printer ( LP7500 ) this order will be printed on it. If you connect second printer then order will be printed on any of them ( which printer will be ready and have loaded paper to print it ) .

Yes, on your screenshot is menu where on Panda can remove orders. Select error, waiting, done, or all. Then select order and press "Delete" .

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