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QSS 3203PRO capacity booster error


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Hello everyone and thank you in advance for any help you will offer.

I have bought a QSS3203PRO. On startup QSS software gives me 1920-0002 error - Capacity booster key was not detected. Confirm the connection status. After the first star i have decided to do a cleaning of the inside of pc and found inside the things from photo. I was thinking that they might be the booster key and inserted the in LPT port. The error keeps appearing everytime the QSS software starts. I have no CD-s coming with the lab. In service mode i have found that the software does not see them. Installed Sentinel Doctor this software sees them installed. Am i missing some steps? Is there something, sime settings I should do?

Again, thank you in advance!

Best regards, Cosmin


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If here is  QSS3203PRO then you need only one booster - type B. A type booster is only for minilabs with scanners.

Install Sentinel protection installer ( version  7.3.0 ) . Install Capacity booster type B software. Look on Windows control panel ( add - remove software ) . When installed you should see them.

Then Capacity booster type B will work ( you see it, if go into service mode, go to minilab specification menu and press F ) .

If all done, but booster doesn't work then you have some problem with LPT port. Check BIOS and Windows settings for this port.

If LPT capacity booster doesn't work then can be installed virtual booster. If will need I have them ( type A, type B and type C ) .

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