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resurrect an SP-2000


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Greetings, everyone!

I've been on a mission to resurrect an old SP-2000, 

Initially, it was completely lifeless, and upon inspection, I found a flaw on the DC board converter (220v to 24v) - some solder connections on a resistor had come undone.
I understood it's a "remote power supply" that requires at least 5v to wake up.

To test this, I used a 9v battery, and voilà! The fan sprung to life.

Then, I figured out that the "system start" button was meant to power up the computer within the SP-2000. Once the computer was running, it sent voltage to CN4, which is connected to the remote pin of the DC board.
I supplied 9 volts through CN4, and the fan started spinning. I also noticed some LEDs lighting up. The one where the GL0 board plug and some others.

I let the system in this state for a few hours.

My next task was to setup a computer for using the scanner and establish a connection between the computer and the scanner.
Found software, installed everything but couldn't make the computer detect the scanner.

While inspecting the SP-2000 later, I noticed that the LEDs which had initially lit up were no longer doing so.
This made me wonder if I had erred by sending 9v through CN4. It's possible that this voltage could have passed through other components before reaching the remote pin of the DC board, potentially causing damage.

Any idea about what I should inspect ? 

Should there be power on the GL0 pin when the system is powered up?

Your insights and advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.


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On computer BIOS power management menu should be selected, that when computer get power it should ON. 
After computer startup scanner unit is powered. When computer power OFF then scanner unit will power off also.
To start scanner need press scanner power button, or can start from timer card. If computer BIOS power management settings are wrong then to start scanner together need press scanner power button and computer power button.

Scanner has two power suppliers - DC main power supply and lamp power supply.
GLO20 power supply - connector GLO3 ( pin1 - gnd and pin2 +12V ) . It is voltage from DC main power supply ( connector CN606 - pin 1 and 2 ) .

Even if scanner is faulty scanner computer should see server computer, if they are installed, connected and working.
Computers should be connected using LAN. Both computers should be powered. On both computers should be installed software ( on scanner A1 and file export software and on server - server software ) .

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