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Noritsu V30 Chemistry | Help needed

Nishant Kothari

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Hello, I'm getting a V30 and need some help with the chemistry. I'm a new shop owner, have worked with T15's at my previous job which had a cartridge system so it was really easy to change chemistry. The V30 comes equipped with a tank which I have no experience with. If you could tell me where to buy the chemistry and how would one go about setting it up in the machine that would be greatly appreciated. I plan to do anywhere from between 10-30 rolls a day. Thank you.

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Hello Nishant. I would recommend FujiFilm Chemistry - it should be easily procured in North America. Hopefully it is an RA machine.

Here is what I'm currently using (I'm in the US):



NEGACOLOR Developer Replenisher


600021483 CN-16L N2R Bleach


600021526 NEGACOLOR RA Fixer & Replenisher


600021601 NEGACOLOR Rinse Plus Squeeze Bottle


You will also need developer starter:

600021523 NEGACOLOR Developer Starter








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