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Noritsu qss-34pro blank prints


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We have a qss-34 pro that one day was printing fine, next day calibration print is blank(no exposure) 

Made sure nothing blocking laser to paper. I read somewhere a bad blue aom could cause this switched green and blue aom and that made no difference.

No errors on computer . Thinks its printing, just comes out blank.

What should I check next?



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Yes it the most cases the culprit behind the issue is a Blue AOM driver.
There is no signal of synchronization – so no laser exposure at all.
If no result after AOM driver change – check the Image correction PCB and all cables (including LVDS cable from the image processing PCB to the Laser control PCB).

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Thanks for the replies Dave and Yustas, can't thank you guys enough.  I now believe my problem is the red AOM.

I found a post from Dave back in 2008 that talks about the red AOM when a guy was having a problem so I thought I should try to swap red and green AOM  I switched red and green AOM and my blank prints went to all green Prints. I have a new AOM coming and will update when I get that changed.

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Why red?
As far as I remember the list of synchronization is as follows:
Model          Red    Blue   Green
QSS30         +        +        +
QSS31         +         -         -
QSS32        +         -         -
QSS33        +         -         -
QSS34        -         +         - 
(so here I am mistaken in my list)
And it must be:
QSS34        +         -         - 

Fr 330        -         -         +
Fr 350        +         -         -
Fr 5**         +         -         -
Anyway, I am glad that you found the cause of the issue.

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