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QSS-34Pro Conveyer Motor


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I'm wondering if anyone knows the right part number for the conveyor motor for a QSS-34Pro Printer with a PP-1223w Processor attached?

My manual says i123196-00. Noritsu America said discontinued, so I ordered this part number from a reseller of Noritsu parts. The one I received says 119r/m where mine is 200r/m. I talked to reseller and they tell me I ordered wrong number, that I needed to order a i123172-00 which they did not have.

So I called noritsu american and tried to order a i123172-00 and they told me part number i123172-00 has been changed over to a i123314-00. I then ordered the i123314-00 which I received today, It does not list rpms on the motor but its way slower then my 200r/m . By eye, it looks like the 119r/m I got from original reseller when I ordered i123196-00.

Does anybody have a i123196-00 that they can verify the r/m listed on?


I'm finding this forum very helpful.


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On QSS28, QSS29, QSS31, QSS32, QSS34, QSS37 minilabs conveyer motor has part number I041994-00 . It is Japan Servo model model DME44SHF-225 ( 24V 119 RPM ) + reducer 6H36F-H185 :

On updated QSS37 part list conveyer motor has part number I123172-00 .

Conveyer motor - DM3. Connector - P710. On on motor and connector should be these labels.

I think on your minilab used not standard motor and not standard reducer. Final speed depends on motor and reducer. Might be that after reducer 200 RPM motor speed  will be similar with 119 RPM motor when reducer is different.

I think the best would buy I041994-00 ( DME44SHF-225 + 6H36F-H185 ) . Can find this part from disassembled QSS28, QSS29, QSS31, QSS32, QSS34, QSS37 . Conveyer speed is not very important. Just enough that photos get into sorter.

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The DME motors were discontinued and replaced with Tsukasa motors.
I've not seen a Tsukasa motor used on the 3411.

There are definitely 2 different speed motors used.
The 3411 that has the wide sorter unit uses the faster motor as the print has to travel further into the wider sorter unit.
The slower motor is used for the smaller standard sorter unit.

I123172-00 is the correct number for the faster motor, I don't know if this number has been superseded or not.

You may be better off sourcing a 200RPM motor yourself, it doesn't have be anything special, just the similar dimensions, the same shaft size, voltage and speed.

Nidec DMN37K6HPB-6DG18F I'd say is the replacement to the DME motor

Tsukasa TG-401A-BM-18 would be close enough.

The other alternative is to replace the larger sorter unit with the standard smaller one, then you can use the slower motor.

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Thanks minilab service.

Im thinking mine has a weird combo as both of my 34pros were bought right when they went from small sorter to big sorter for 8x10s . When we got the first one, it had the small sorter as the factory didn’t have enough parts, they came back a couple months later and  put the big sorter on for free since it was bought as a machine with big sorter.

My second 34 pro a year later came with the big sorter when it was delivered. Both of my machines have that 200r/m motors.

I agree a slow motor is better then no motor . I installed the first one and because it’s slower 8x10s come down on the sorter tray with the leading edge not hitting stop. The problem is the corner of the leading edge comes down into the triangle cutout in the flapper/tray and causes edge damage to the print. I’ll have to fill in those triangle holes to prevent the damage.

Guess I’ll have to figure that out if my motor is rare. 

Another question,  how do I go about separating reducer and Motor? I removed all the screws on my bad motor and the the two are stuck together. 

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With the screws removed, use a flat bladed screwdriver between the motor and the gearbox and tap the screwdriver with a hammer and it will separate.

The chances are all that has happened is the motor brushes have worn out. you may be able to swap the brushes from the slower motor to the faster motor.

Also check the bearings for the conveyor belt are not worn, as this will put extra load onto the motor.

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1 hour ago, Dave S said:

There is a mistake in the Nidec motor number above, it should be  DMN37K6HFPB-6DG18F

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Thanks Guys,

I was able to take my original motor apart and replace the brushes. I found some radio control car brushes that I was able to sand down edges to make them the right size.

We'll see how long it lasts.

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