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Noritsu V30 incorrectly detecting film


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Hello everyone, this is my first post on here and I’m hoping to find some answers for an issue I’ve been having with my Noritsu V30 for the past month or so.


I recently purchased a V30 which worked great with no issues for a couple weeks… however, I started to get a issue where the machine was incorrectly, detecting film. By that, I mean that it was detecting all of the film, regardless of length, as 12 EXP. 


I am worried about this issue mainly because the machine isn’t properly compensating for replenishment due to the incorrect detection.

The sensors in the loading box are clean. All INPUT/OUTPUT checks look good. The machine is set to 50HZ. What else am I missing?

Thanks in advance.

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Are you using the correct Noritsu splicing jig?

Is this with 35mm films?
If so. are the films being loaded directly from the 35mm canister or are they being transferred into say 120 cassettes ?

Is this happening on both left and right tracks?


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Yes I'm thinking it is a software related problem.

No you don't need any floppy disks, providing the machine has been put into to service mode by turning dip switch 2 on.

Like I said you will need to set the rep rates and program timer data as the machine will be reset to the default data. Maybe manually write down all the settings.

I don't think it will be a good idea to save any of the data to floppy disk, as reloading the data could reintroduce the possible bad data.

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6 hours ago, Cas said:

Thanks for the advice, Dave. Does this mean that you think it's a software issue? Will I need a floppy disk on hand containing system information?

If you want to update or reinstall the software, you will definitely need a 3.5-inch floppy disk with this software.

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2 hours ago, dtonator said:

Couldn't it just be a bad adjustment of the perforations sensor?
Have you tried by dragging a leader from the input check menu if the sensor switch correctly?

EV30SER313.pdf 7.35 kB · 1 download

If there was a problem with the perforation sensors it would give the error of film stopped as it uses the sensors to detect the film is moving.

It is unlikely that there would be problem with the film sensors on both tracks at the same time.

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