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I want to convert my frontier 7700 to noritsu 3704, removing the cartridges, I did it but I need to set the process, I put sp prime and send a photo, it sends perfect and prints perfectly, when the photo comes out after two minutes it gives me a paper jam


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It is not QSS3702. Fuji LP7700 is Noritsu QSS3704F . It is not HD printer with replenishment from Fuji cartridge.

It is easy convert Fuji LP7700 into Noritsu QSS3704F. Just need install other software and nothing else.

It is possible convert Noritsu QSS3704F into standard Noritsu QSS3704, but it would be more difficult. Need change wiring, change pipe connections, add replenishment tanks with level sensors and do other jobs. Also need to use not standard fast process chemicals.

I think the best is Fuji LP7700 convert into  Noritsu QSS3704F and leave replenishment from Fuji cartridges.

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Process with Kodak Ektacolor Prime SP chemicals - CD 45 sec , BF 45 sec , STB 90 sec . You can use these chemicals on processors with standard replenishment tanks.

PP-1223G2F standard processing times - CD 22 sec , BF 22 sec , STB 35 sec . If to use Kodak Ektacolor Prime SP chemicals on PP-1223G2F then photos go out not processed well ( because processing time was too short ) .

PP-1223G2F ( your processor ) tank capacity CD 14.9 L , BF 15.6 L , STB 27.3 L
PP-1223G2 ( processor with normal specification ) tank capacity  CD 29.9 L , BF 30.0 L , STB 51.7 L

When on PP-1223G2F selected standard process your photos go out too fast ( because tanks are very small ) . When picture should go out from dryer it doesn't come ( because it was processed and went out long time ago ) . As result you see paper jam error.

 On PP-1223G2F should be used fast process chemicals and need select fast process. Not sure, if it is possible on QSS3704. QSS3704 has not Ecojet processors, where used fast process also.


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On 10/10/2023 at 12:12, Minilab service said:

No es QSS3702. Fuji LP7700 es Noritsu QSS3704F. No es una impresora HD con reposición de cartucho Fuji.

Es fácil convertir Fuji LP7700 en Noritsu QSS3704F. Sólo necesito instalar otro software y nada más.

Es posible convertir el Noritsu QSS3704F en un Noritsu QSS3704 estándar, pero sería más difícil. Necesita cambiar cableado, cambiar conexiones de tuberías, agregar tanques de reabastecimiento con sensores de nivel y hacer otros trabajos. También es necesario utilizar productos químicos de proceso rápido no estándar.

Creo que lo mejor es convertir Fuji LP7700 a Noritsu QSS3704F y dejar reposición de cartuchos Fuji.

I already did that work and now you have Kodak's SP-PRIME process. I print a photo and it gives the "paper jam" error and the photo comes out normal

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What exactly have you done in the conversion process of the paper processor?

What process speciation do you have the Paper Processor set to?

Are you still using the same processing racks from the Fuji LP7700?

What chemistry are you wanting to use?

It sounds like you are trying to use an unsupported chemical and process specification. The process time for RA-4 is roughly double that of the Fuji F specification. So to use the RA-4 process you will need longer racks and deeper tanks.

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