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S-4 light source use in HS-1800 possible?


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one native / original HS-1800 is having intermittent problem on scanned images.. without any errors. we suspect " light source sparkle ..". 

Since we don't have hs1800 light source handy... will a S-4 scanner light source workable in HS-1800 ??

Expertise comments welcome, Sirs..

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Here not LED problem. Probably LVDS noise ( board on the top of scanner, scanner/afc control pcb, or LVDS cable ) .

S4 and HS1800 light source is exchangeable. Can be light source type 0 , type 1 and type 2 . Type can see if to look at connector J143 ( jumpers are different ) .

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He has HS1800 . It is USB scanner with scanner/afc control pcb . 

S4 can be connected to computer through PC-scanner interface PCB and PC-laser interface PCB .

If on computer used PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB then scanner LVDS is not connected directly. Then scanner is connected to Digital ICE pcb. Digital ICE pcb through Image processing PCB is connected to PCI-LVDS/ARCNET PCB .

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Light source is good. Green uniformity is not ideal, but acceptable.

On your scanner problem with not with light source, but with LVDS. Can be faulty board at the top of scanner unit, scanner/afc control pcb, or LVDS cable. I think one board is faulty. Guess need to find  scanner/afc control pcb. 

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