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ZBE Chromira Printer head Questions


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I have had a 30" zbe chromira 1x since 2003. Well the head finally died. The ZBE computer won't boot but as soon as I unplug head cable, the computer comes up. 
I found a used 1x locally that has a bad computer but it has the original drum encoder , mine has the updated drum encoder. I put my computer in his printer and it powers up and and seems to work other then it fails the drum motion test. Its not seeing the old encoder. I was able to go in and test his head with my computer and all leds lit up so I believe his head is good. My question is if you had the updated encoder installed, did they replace the zbe proprietary board in the pc when the updated encoder was installed?
Or was it just software for the computer to see the new encoder?
It my memory is right, they only used the original drum encoder for a couple years before they updated it. Why did they come out with the new one? Was there problems with the original. Should I be concerned about buying a machine with original encoder?
2nd question, I think if I found a good head my printer would work. Although, was there some kinda setup done at the factory to match the head to the computer and printer? Has anybody replaced a head in there printer with a used one from another printer? Did you have problems and what was involved? Does anybody have a good 1x head laying around they would sell?
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