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6901-0200 noritso 3301 model arcnet commenication eror laser


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You can't upgrade board software, when have not communication with board. It is impossible.

Here two problems.
First is blue screen and message, that boot device is not accessible. Try to run checkdisk. Might be it will help.
Second  problem - no ARCNET communication between printer pcb and laser control pcb . Check do you have +5V on laser control pcb. If have try on laser control pcb clean ARCNET connectors ad trim ends of two ARCNET cables.


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I solved the blue screen problem So where will I measure the laser control PCB? I cleaned the ARCNET connectors before and the problem continued, but I did not fix the ends of the Arcnet cables. Do I need to cut and fix them from both ends?

I will take a photo, can you take a look and describe the cables?



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Laser control pcb power supply - connector J/P1506 . Pin 1 and pin 2 +5V , pin 4 and pin 5 gnd ( ground , 0V ) . On board LED401 should be light.

If you do not know how looks ARCNET cables then better do not touch them. If do not handle properly you can destroy sensors. Better ask someone who has experience and knows how to do it.
Two plastic ARCNET cables on your picture are on right hand side. To remove cables need press ad hold fixators. Only then can remove cables. Can't use a force. Then need clean sensors and trim ends of cables. Cables need cut 90 degrees. The best to use special cutter. 

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