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Connect SP-3000 to PC running MS01 4.2

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I have an SP-3000 currently connected to a PC running MS01 3.1 that is working just fine. I also have an SP-500 connected via USB to a PC running MS01 4.2 that is also running the film scanning software, this is also working fine. My goal is to have both machines connected to one PC running MS01 and the scanning software for the SP-500. I am inexperienced with the setup of these machines but use them daily. Is this setup possible?

If this is possible I would appreciate a point in the right direction towards some resources that can help or any advice you may have. I have tried a couple of manuals for the SP-3000 and MS01 software but I haven't made any progress there. I have tried connecting the SP-3000 via ethernet to the PC running MS01 4.2 for the SP-500 hoping that it would be a simple plug and play solution but of course this didn't work. I'm not sure this setup is even possible but any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Server name entered on SP3000 computer should match server computer name.
Also during server instillation need enter correct scanner computer name.
I think without scanner re-instillation you can't connect it to server.

More easy to server, which connected to SP3000 additionally connect SP500. Just need install MS11, connect scanner and register it.

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