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V50 give bad negative


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Dear everyone,

i was using Kodak brand for the working solution of my V50 for many years and since 2-3 years I was using Tetenal brand. It was ok until March of this year, I start to have negative like under exposed. We can not really see the DX code. So I change in to Calbe Chemie Brand in July, it was a little better at this moment but now the problem appears again. My negative are like underexposed. 

I usually proceed twice a week, it depends 20-30 sometimes 50 roll per week. My circulation pump seems ok, I can see the movement. the Temperature are ok 38, I check with a thermometer 

My V50 I think have some problem with PCB because I can not reach some menu like replenishment . 

Do anyone have advice pls?

best regards



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Start the procedure to check the replenishment volume.
Using a measuring cylinder, remove the hose from the refill tank and place the end of the hose into the measuring cylinder.
Start the pump and compare the actual amount of fluid in the cylinder with the values on the screen.
Also, of course, look at the condition of the CD pump, whether it is working or not, and whether there is no fluid leaking from it.
All these steps are described in detail in the service documentation. Study it.

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