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Noritsu 350, Error 06211-00001


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Hello everyone

Kindly asking your help if you ever experienced the following issue. 
“Paper remains in the exposure advance unit” I have a Noritsu 350.

I checked everywhere, I don’t see any paper in the machine. Do you perhaps know what could be the problem?


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Noritsu 350 doesn't exist. Can be only Fuji 350. You have QSS3501 PLUS, QSS3501i PLUS, QSS3502 PLUS with unknown specification ( Standard, SM, F, J ) .

06211-00001- exposure start sensor is DARK. Check sensor SE22 emitter and receiver. Try to clean them. Try to make Paper Sensor Adjustment ( printer mechanical adjustment menu ) . 
Emitter - connector J/P366 ( pin1 5V and pin 2 LED control ) . Between ground and pin 1 should be 5V ( power supply ) . Between pin 1 and pin 2 should be IR LED control voltage. If to look through IR camera from LED should be light. You can't see this light directly ( because here is infrared light ) .
Receiver - connector J/P367. Pin 1 sensor control, Pin2 - ground, Pin3 5V ( power supply ) . Pin 4 ( sensor output , 5V, or 0V - depends sensor is dark, or light ) .
Sensor can test on input check menu. You should see changes, when paper inserted ( between emitter and receiver ) and when paper removed.

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