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Can you switch Noritsu 34pro to 3 phase power?


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Hi Guys, You have been a great help. I have a new question. Currently in process to move to a smaller building and the smaller building has 100amp 3 phase 3 wire power till they can update it to 3 phase 3 wire 200 amp power.

I'm really close to maxing out the 100amps with all our equipment but if I can switch my 34 pro from single phase 208v to 3 phase 208v , it would help me balance my power usage on the 3 legs from the main power box which will help me get along till they update power. Is this possible or was that an option that needed to be done when machine was manufactured?

My book says machine needs 36 amp capacity at single phase(1p2w) and it needs 25amp capacity at 3p3w.



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