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PCI-LVDS/ARCNET Device control Error - Arcnet communication error 6901 - 2008

Danny Garayo

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Hello everyone. I have a problem with my Nortisu 3202 Pro, as it generates this error when starting the equipment. I've already changed the PCI port for the PC's Arcnet card, even checked the Windows system for any errors, but nothing appears. The PCI Arcnet card seems to be working as its lights are on, but it doesn't start. Can you help me with this error?

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-14 at 14.44.55.jpeg

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Your ARCNET test software didn't run properly. Might be you didn't stop standard Noritsu software, didn't upgrade drivers, or something else.. Close standard software ( close down check menu, F quit an application ) , disable QSS AutoStart ( remove shortcut from Windows Start menu ) , run test software ( agree to change drivers ) and only after that can test ARCNET.

Might be processor pcb ARCNET has noise. Temporary disconnect processor ARCNET cables. Then run ARCNET test again. Should be only processor ARCNET error.

If all will be good ( except processor ) then need on processor pcb clean ARCNET sensors and with cutter cut ARCNET cables. Then connect back and run ARCNET test again


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I have successfully started the self-check application following your instructions, but it notifies me of errors in all Arcnet connections as indicated below. I performed the test by connecting and disconnecting the Arcnet cable from the processor PCB, and in both tests, the result is the same.

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-14 at 15.44.15.jpeg

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Before you had processor error and digital ice control error. That's why I advised disconnect processor pcb. Many times saw, when this board makes noise and on various boards see random errors.

Now test software works, but you have not ARCNET connection between computer and Digital ICE control pcb. Can be :
Not working ARCNET on computer
Not working Digital ICE control pcb
Bad ARCNET connection between them.

On Digital ICE control pcb heck power suppliers. If they good - try clean ARCNET sensors ( on both sides ) , with special cutter trim ends of ARCNET cables.
During tests can temporary from Digital ICE control pcb disconnect all other ARCNET cablers ( leave connected only pair from computer ) . ARCNET cables can connect to other ARCNET pair. 
When see connection with Digital ICE control pcb then one by one can connect other ARCNET pairs. ARCNET cables can connect, or disconnect when minilab works ( do not need turn off computer, or close ARCNET test software ) . When connect one pair - test again.


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The problem has been resolved; the conflict was in the Arcnet connection between the Laser PCB and the Printer Control PCB. I reached this conclusion because when connecting these cables, the entire Arcnet system showed an error, but when disconnecting only those cables, the entire system worked perfectly, and only the LASER PCB showed an error. Upon inspection, I found that it was obstructed and dirty. After cleaning it, everything works perfectly. Thank you very much for your help.

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On your minilab laser control ARCNET gave noise. That was a reason why all system didn't work.

In most cases noise make processor pcb. The longest ARCNET cables are there. In your case noise was from laser control pcb.

Only disconnecting everything and one by one connecting back can find where exactly  is a problem.

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