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pump does not work on its own /DKS3


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My rev, bl, stab pumps do not pump on their own after the scheduled minutes, but when you do the pump test it works but when the machine prints, they do not pump on their own I do it manually by putting each product back to 100%Every time I print

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Make sure your tank drains are clean and tanks are not overfilled.  That will shut off the pumps.  Also check the bottom tray (under the paper cassette drawer) for fluid from full effluent tanks.  That sensor will shut down the pumps too.  One time I had foaming in the rev tank and that set off the level sensor and shut down the pumps.  They work for pump test but not for regular replenishment.  Good luck, Junior!

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I have already disconnected all the overflow sensors a long time ago this problem bothered me so much it's been a year that I pump manually by resetting pump it 100% every time I print, I have two photo labs with the same model of machine everywhere now this same problem has also affected the second machine

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