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AOM driver - how to check it?


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All depends where you bought it. If from Noritsu then it will be original.

New AOM driver model ( made by Noritsu ) has metal case ( not aluminum ) . AOM driver has Noritsu warranty label ( can't remove it ) . Look through gap, beside power connector. There on board should see board part number. Use torch and magnification glass to see it.

It is possible to test AOM driver without minilab. I testing them on my workbench. You can't do it. Need special self made equipment and you have not it.

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One guy had banch of noritsu parts to get rid off. Everything looks original. 
AOM has all the stickers but I have opened it. Please look on photos. 

I have installed this AOM and now I am performing initial setup. Should I make something else after replacement? 




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Seems AOM driver is original. It had warranty label. Board has Noritsu number, serial number and bar code. Connectors and heater are the same as they are on AOM driver made by Noritsu.

Noritsu recommends to make initial setup, but really it is not necessary. When you do initial setup, or other tests look measurement results. D-MAX should be about 2.0 ( up to 2.5 for very good professional paper ) . If you have higher results then your calibration plate is bad. Need replace it ( use ceramic - not plastic ) .

There are many quality adjustments. You can make them to have good print quality - paper specification registration, black balance adjustment, brightness of the edge
highlight balance adjustment ( automatic and manual ), machine to machine variation correction, exposure adjustment, NCE, Setup Switch, paper setup. Also can load customized profiles ( for printer and monitor ) .

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