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Hi Folks,

First time poster! and i'm a noob so go easy.

Just had a few questions as I am bamboozled by the apparent fact that the Fuji Sp3000 and Noritsu seem to still be the industry standard, and basically only legitimate options when it comes to digital film scanning these days?

Are there any newer options which are geared towards high quality digital scans only and do not contain a print function.

I have a project I am working on and by all accounts, I understand the software and computer required to run an SP-3000 is old and outdated. 

A last question; is there a scanner on the market in which the roll of 35mm film is automatically retrieved and fed into the machine like a reel, rather than cut and laid in strips? I.e a machine which requires minimal physical manouvering to run?

Thanks in advance.



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Yes it is a crazy situation but there are no new high quality, high speed film scanners being manufactured today that I know of.

The only option is a used second hand Noritsu, Fuji, and Konica scanner.
There are standalone models from the above manufactures that do not need to be connected to a printer.

Noritsu is the only one that can support the latest Windows operating system (W11).

All of the scanners will scan a roll of 35mm film (up to 36 exp in length), it’s far better if it is not cut into strips of 4 or 6 etc.
I don’t know of anything that can do bulk rolls of film spliced together, if that was what you were referring to.

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