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Weird measurements on emulsion number change - 3300


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Hi everyone, our issue has resurfaced. We conduct a daily setup and emulsion number change each morning on all our papers to ensure accurate colors. However, our 3300 occasionally exhibits unusual measurements on the yellow and magenta channels. For instance, today's readings were as follows:

Daily setup (127 mm paper): -0.4 / -0.4 / 0 / -0.2
Emulsion number change (203 mm paper):

  • 1st measurement: +0.5 / +0.2 / 0 / +0.3
  • 2nd measurement: -0.4 / -0.6 / 0 / 0
  • 3rd measurement: +0.1 / +0.6 / 0 / 0
  • 4th measurement: -0.1 / -0.4 / 0 / 0

Every day, we observe a slight color shift in our prints towards magenta/yellow.

Actions taken:

Replaced AOM drivers (blue and green channels) with new ones (non-original Noritsu).

  • Conducted an initial setup.
  • Cleaned the calibration plate (not the plastic one).
  • Cleaned the colorimeter unit with an air blower.

Chemicals used: Calbe Chemie LR
Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive

Thank you!

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Thank you @Minilab service, 

yesterday I changed the AOM on red channel for new one (not original Noritsu). Here´s a today readings:

Daily setups in the morning (127mm paper):

  • 1st: +0,2 / +0,6 / 0 / +0,3
  • 2nd: -0,4 / -0,4 / 0 / -0,2
  • 3rd: +0,2 / +0,1 / 0 / 0

Performed emulsion number change on 203mm paper:

  • 1st reading: +0,4 / +0,4 / 0 / +0,1
  • 2nd reading: 0 / 0 / 0 / 0

Thank you!

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Reading updates from today (weirdest than yesterday :( 

Daily setup (127 mm paper): +0,3 / +0,3 / 0 / +0.2

Emulsion number change measurements on 203mm paper:

  1. -0,4 / +0,1 / 0 / -0,2
  2. +0,4 / +0,1 / 0 / +0,1
  3. -0,4 / -0,2 / 0 / 0
  4. 0 / -0,1 / 0 / 0 - in this step QSS forced to remeasure 
  5. +0,3 / 0 / 0 / -0,1 - forced to remeasure again
  6. 0 / +0,2 / 0 / +0,1

I´m so confused what is happening

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Daily setup results are very good. When corrections are + - 0.3 then corrections are not necessary.

Tell which paper you use and which D-MAX values ( for all three colors ) you have after test measurement. Might be plastic calibration plate is old and need change it with new ( ceramic ) .

If all good - after daily setup try to make 203 paper magazine registration. 

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Thank you @Minilab service, here are todays readings:

Paper: Fuji Crystal Archive 
Paper profile 117: Crystal Archive (NEW)
Readings of daily setup: +0,1 / +0,3 / 0 / 0 - please see picture of the screen below:

After this performed emulsion number change on 203mm paper - todays readings were below 0,4 (please see attached images), but forced me to remeasure 2 times:



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D-MAX on Crystal Archive (NEW) should be about 2.0 :
https://www.fotopeace.com/pdf/Fujicolor_Crystal_Archive_Paper_2015_01.pdf ( calibration data - page 5 )

Your calibrator readings are incorrect. Yellow and Cyan are bigger, but acceptable and Magenta is very high ( 2.41 ) .Your calibration plate is dirty, or old. Try to clean it, or buy new calibration plate ( ceramic ) .

When calibrator readings are incorrect software can't adjust printing profile. That is the reason, why you see, that settings are out of range.

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If this plate is made by Noritsu, then it is not ceramic in the literal sense of the word. It also degrades over time. But your problem is not with the plate, but with the chemistry. Dark steps on 203 paper do not appear well enough (the last and penultimate steps have the same readings), so the minilab makes a lot of tests, and sometimes it gives an error.

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Measured the replenishment pumps and they work circa well. The paper is not the problem, we have another 3501 and the same emulsion number is used on that machine without problems.

I don´t understand what is happening, the 3501 have no those test problems but it uses 15 stripes test vs 22 stripes test of 3300.

Also checked values of daily setup on that 3501 and D-MAX values are higher: 


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I noticed a new thing: if the readings are relatively "normal" (0.4 or below), the system forces me to redo the measuring. However, if I get higher reading values (for example, 0.6 or 1.0), the system doesn't prompt me to redo the measurement.

I understand that the sub-readings on the stripes can be over the allowed range, but why does this happen only when the readings are in the lower value range? Additionally, why doesn't it occur when I have higher values in the measurement?

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The correction value generated mostly comes from step No.10 (90 90 90)
If the other steps have unexpected readings it will ask you to read it again.

Are the whites for the paper good? As Step 2 & 3 in your screenshot have virtually the same readings. Maybe changing the STB would help.

You need to make sure the colorimeter Paper Front End Advance Length Correction and Paper Feed Error Corrections have been properly adjusted after cleaning the colorimeter advance rollers.

Also make sure the prints are the correct length and that the exposure position is not varying between the prints indicating a laser exposure advance issue.

Edited by Dave S
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