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Konica Minolta R2 Super 700 processor problem


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Hello, 2 days ago I started to have problems with Konica R2 700. 

Pictures were coming out blank.

I have turned off the whole unit on the main switch and it stayed off for more than 2 hours. After that, after being turned on again I couldn't get the processor to start up. The screen on the unit turns on but it's blank and it won't boot to any options (Run, Timer), etc. 

Any help would be appreciated. Pictures are attached thanks. 




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ERR-F1602-0 means image data transfer from host during printing failed ( because was IEEE 1394 communication error ) . Check the mounting of IEEE 1394 circuit board on PC as well as the connection of cables.

LCD and touchscreen control board is connected to printer internal computer COM port. If LCD is blank check printer internal computer ( with Linux ) . Connect monitor and look what you see there. Probably computer doesn't work properly, or doesn't work at all.


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