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QSS-3311 Exposure Sensor Issue/Jam


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We have a 3311 that had a paper jam tonight, and when the lab cleaned out the debris they could not get the error to clear out. We have restarted the machine, fully power cycled it, and tried to clean all of the sensors we can get to. I think it is the SE22 sensor, which I am having trouble getting into. Anyone have some advice?

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6021-0005 means exposure start sensor ( SE22 ) is dark.
6144-0002 means even though the paper advance pressure change motor ( PM29 ) operates a specified amount, the paper advance pressure change sensor ( SE25 ) does not change from DARK to LIGHT.

Go to input check menu and test sensors. Go to output check and test motor. When testing put magnets on door sensors ( minilab should see that door closed ) .

Check sensors and motor connections. Might be something is disconnected. Connections can see on circuit diagram.

Check power supply on sensor ( emitter and receiver ) . Emitter should be light, but it can see only through mobile camera ( because IR light ) . Sensors can be calibrated ( mechanical adjustment menu ) . 


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6021-0005 means exposure start sensor ( SE22 ) is dark.
6155-0002 means Exposure Start Sensor ( SE22 ) error - When the light source level of the emission sensor is set to 255, the detection sensor does not turn LIGHT .

Both errors are about the same sensor ( Exposure Start Sensor SE22 ) . Try to clean, check sensor positions, connections, voltages on receiver, look emitter is light, or not, try calibrate.

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