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basic understanding of Fuji softwares


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Hi Friends, 

I am new to Fuji environment. Worked on  Noritsu for long time but little knowledge in Fuji. Can anybody tell me about the various software's used for printing on Fuji Dx100 and De100 printers.Basically I am printing from the windows driver which comes along with the priner by default.What are the other softwares available for printing from fuji dry labs.recenly i have seen a kiosk running with Fuji Orderit software. Can I convert my Dx!00 printer to Kiosk by simply loading the Order-it software and who can provide the order-it software

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You can print using print driver. It is not comfortable, because need to make many steps to print one picture.

Also can be print driver + printing software, which use this driver. On printing software you can load order, correct files and press Print. Print driver settings will be applied automatically.

Fuji for DE100 offers DE100 printer driver + MS01 ( printing interface ) + MSP80 ( DE100 connection module ) + MS01 optional modules ( from MS13 to MS21 ) .
For DX100 : DX100 printer driver + MS01 ( printing interface ) + MSP48 ( DX100 connection module ) + MS01 optional modules ( from MS13 to MS21 ) .

To Fuji Order - it can connect any printer, or minilab. DX100 and DE100 can be connected also. To make Order it settings need Admin card and card reader.  I think you have not them.

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