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What is and why is the general consensus in the film Minilab world


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hello everyone!

Didn’t know exactly how to word the title. This is a more “historical” question sparked from curiosity. Seeing the rise of new labs and expansion of big labs in the last 10 years or so, why is it that some people choose Fuji, Noritsu etc..

What are the historical or technical reasons of this choice? Like for example, is there a general consensus that Noritsu is the superior brand in terms of negative developing? What are your thoughts on Noritsu 430, V-Series Vs. Fujis FP series, or agfa, kis etc… 

why would someone (even back in the day) choose one over the other. 

I’ve worked with both Fuji FP and Noritsu processors, and from my little experience it sort of seems like Noritsus are slightly better built perhaps or at least the menus are far easier to understand, easier to do maintanence…

Thought we could have a little chat! 
cheers, have a nice weekend 


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