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02010a12 - Ink leak error. Ink End Sensor detected the end of the ink by detection of the ink leak. 

Usually see this error when printer has ink leakage. Can be leakage inside ink cartridge holders, connections ( where connected pipes ) , or broken pipes.

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On 12/12/2023 at 1:39 PM, PEERAPHON said:

DL-650 error dode 01000a07


01000a07 means head controller board (DRV) A sub fuse 4 blowout. Head Controller Board A is faulty.  Need change, or repair it. It usually happen when FFC between board and print head is short or damaged ( FFC connected to CN27, or CN28 ) , faulty printhead element, or into head FFC connector got ink. 

Head controller board (DRV) A has part number 2131629 ( new number 2153748 ) . It costs about 2200 USD :

As I told before when have printer is better to purchase set of manuals. Then each time do not need to ask what means error.


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