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Fuji SP3000 E-PO-1775 / "a Service menu does not Exist"


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Hello guys I am having issues connecting my Frontier to the pic server. 

The HD in the Pic died and I had to Reinstall it.

- SP3000 is Running MS11 ,  PIC is MS01 version 3.1 (this combo worked before flawlessly)

Things I checked

- Both are in the same workgroup (FRONTIERGROUP) 

- SP3000 Computer name is  ezpc00 and Pic is called PIC 

- Scanner and client are in the same (Fixed) IP range 

- I can ping the PIC server and vice versa but I can not connect to it via Frontier Software 

Does anyone have an Idea what I can to to make it work? happy for any help 


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Error is E-P0-1775  ( digit 0, not letter o ) .

E-P0-1775 means 1st service menu not found. This message appears when the service menu Button 1 is not displayed, or when any parameter error occurs. On scanner menu set up Button 1 to “Display”. Set up the parameter correctly ( on scanner computer ) .

After server re-instillation server computer name should be the same as it was before. Install server computer correctly. Also load MS01 settings ( server MS01 data management menu ) . Then everything should work.

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thank you for your reply. 


do I set the Button to Display in the 7777 Menu? so when I go into the 7777 menu on the scanner computer and want to enter Menu 01, first button (Connection to imaging Controller) I get the error "Connecting to imaging controller failed" 

where is the MS01 Data management menu, also in the 7777 on the Scanner? 







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Button 1 is on scanner menu - where print channels. 

Data management is on scanner MS01 and server MS01. When you reinstalled server then to restore settings you need load server backup. If have not backup you need make all server settings manually.

Button 1 is not a problem. You have no connection between scanner ands server. and see message "Connecting to imaging controller failed". Can be :
Server computer name is different, than it was before

No LAN connection between server and scanner
Wrong server computer settings

Reinstall server computer. Use the same computer name, which was before
Make all Windows settings ( UAC, Firewall, user name, password, sharing options, drive names ) 
Set static IP ( similar to scanner IP, different only last digit ) . Try ping both sides. Try access shared folder on other computer
Make sure, that server works - dot symbol is green and see message "Connected to xxxxx" ( instead of xxxxx - your server name ) .

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