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QSS 3411 printing from online uploads


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Hello I've recently taken over my father's photo lab and learning a lot but very new to many things. Trying to modernize everything that is very dated. the machine was purchased used so there is no support from noritsu


We have a QSS 3411 with an SL2 scanner and everything runs on Windows 2000. I want to be able to have customers go on our website to upload print orders. Can someone point me in the right direction to what I need to do?

Currently everything is done on the minilab pc but I purchased a new windows 11 pc that is connected to the same network and i managed to set up a network share drive. now I am stuck as I am not really sure what other software I need. I am a little confused between the purpose of EZ controller vs Hot Folder. We do not have either of these options currently


Based on my reading on so many threads in this forum it sounds like I need to purchase EZ controller 8.0 and install it on the new external Windows 11 PC, but is this enough to make the Windows 11 PC speak to the QSS3411? Is there a way to set up EZ controller 8 without a dongle so i can just download it online quickly? what kind of software can i use on the website for the interface customers can use?


I would also appreciate any links of where to purchase any software I need and any documentation or references that can help me learn...thank you

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Where are you located?

Are you already working with an online ordering service? This would be the first step. Dakis, Photofinale, ROES, Pixfizz are popular in North America and elsewhere. These platforms will have workflows that will let you send orders directly to Net Order mode on the 3411. 

You could also get a program like Express Digital Darkoom, which can also send to Net Order mode. New EZ Controller on a different PC isn't going to do you any good. The 3411 is a legacy machine (a very excellent one at that). Ours is left in Net Order mode to accept orders from various networked sources.

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