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Pressure Solenoid Stays Engaged


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Hello and Happy Holidays!

We had an issue a while back with our B&W converted Noritsu V30SM. We were having a short circuit and it ending up finding that the worse’s to the left pressure solenoid were exposed and touching. It was fixed and it was no longer short circuiting. However, since then, the left pressure solenoid stays engage. Does anyone know what is could possibly be? All fuses seem to be ok but am not certain what fuse would be used for it specifically.

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5 hours ago, kodak_service said:

Check the condition of LED15 on the pcb J340012. If it does not light up, then the TR10 transistor on this board is broken.
If the LED is on, then the problems in that PCB are much more complex.

When nothing is going through LED 15, 14, and 13 are off. But when I go through output check and when I put a leader card through all LEDs light up. I am also having a hard time finding TR10. Is it possible that the loading connecting PCB. It is possible that it could have been slugging damaged when we were diagnosing the first issue?

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On 12/28/2023 at 1:22 PM, kodak_service said:

I can't talk about the causes of the problem because it doesn't matter.
I can give advice based on the information you provide.
If you turn off the power, does the solenoid rod move down? If yes, then you need to replace the TR10 transistor.

Yes, it does disengage when the machine turns off or if I disconnect the wiring. I will begin looking for a new transistor then.

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