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Fuji DL650 errors help


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02010a0f - Ink End Sensor error (LC) . Somewhere is LC leakage. If not - bad sensor, connections, or faulty board.
02021d0e - Heater AC error. AC power cannot be detected. Check the connection between the AC inlet and Heater Controller Board (CN1). Replace the Heater Controller Board with a new one.

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Yes, I have.

First error you have because have LC ink leakage, pump pressure is too low, bad IES sensor, bad connections, or faulty board. Need check all that.

Second error - missing AC voltage on Heater Controller Board connector CN1, or faulty Heater Controller Board. Heater Controller Board (MCU-B) is beside heater.


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02020903 means conveyer motor lock error. The rotation of the conveyer motor is not detected. Need find what is wrong ( motor, board, connections...) . Temporary can disable sorter and print without it.

All information about errors is on service manual. I think the best to  purchase set of manuals. Write private message, if you need them.

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