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Chromira for large format printing


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Is it worthful to buy Chromira Prolab instead of inkjet large format machines (mainly for jobs upto 20x30) in the present scenario. What is the future of RA4 chemistry and silver halide large format paper,,,will the companies be able to manufacture these in a market where the demand is very less

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they are plenty of products of papers and even more for chemistry for wet process on the market today. In fact fuji are still investing in development of new materials.

In short as far as it goes for large format silver halide materials it should not be a problems for at least 20 years from now on.

Price per m2 will be lower on chromira compared to inkjet but long time running cost will be higher and initial investment will not been in favor of wet lab too. Basically you have to have high volumes secured to go to RA4.

Huge pros of wet labs are ability to have real gloss prints and higher resolution (but mostly gloss). The downside is smaller color volume and more specific lack of bright, punchy reds.

It is quite complicated and there is now straight answer. Too many variations.

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Now the biggest silver halide paper makers are Fuji and Lucky ( China ) :

For Mitsubishi photographic materials are just small part of their business.  Not many use this paper. Do not know this company makes wide silver halide paper, or not. 

Situation with Kodak  is unclear. Already third company uses this trademark :
Kodak Alaris https://imaging.kodakalaris.com/retailers/equipment/color-papers 
Sinopromise ( China )  https://kodak.sinopromise.com/photo-paper.html ( https://web.archive.org/web/20230528031224/https://kodak.sinopromise.com/photo-paper.html )
Kosmo Photo https://kosmofoto.com/2023/11/photo-systems-inc-brings-kodak-professional-branded-development-chemicals-back-into-production/


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