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fuji DL650


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Hi - I recently purchase a Fuji DL650 . its in pretty good condition but we cant seem to make it print.  We have built a windows 7 machine and installed  the fuji software. We can get  maintenance utilities to work. Ie  ink purge and test print etc but we just cant make it print anything else,.

we have also tried the Pixel-tech software -- but no success

does any one have any ideas ?? 

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Can use any software, which can print using print driver. For printer maintenance have to use Fuji DL650 system software. This software is from Epson and based on Epson SL-D3000DL system software. Standard Fuji printing interface : DL650 system software + MSP47 + MS01. The latest versions - for W10 64 bit .

One more option - Fuji DL650 convert into Epson SL-D3000DL with sorter. Need change main board firmware. After that have to use Epson maintenance utility, Epson cartridges and profiles for SL-D3000. Printing interface can be Order controller ( from Epson ) , or third parties software, which can print using SL-D3000 print driver.

Why you can't use Pixel tech software? Which Windows there? What is DL-650 system software version? Might be system software version is too old for Windows.

For my customers I installed this printer on XP ( MS01 3.1 ) , W7 32 bit ( MS01 4.2 ) and W10 64 bit ( MS01 10.0 ) . Also connected printer to Darkroom software. 

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