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Noritsu 3211 printing any white peice of paper no image


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Hoping someone has seen this issue and might be able to point us right direction or at least confirm we are headed in the right direction. Thank you in advance for any help. We have an older Noritsu 3211 , our machine was shifting blue, followed by a 'B1 Laser error" followed by 5 mins of adjusting laser temp, then followed by shorter and shorter runs of prints before returning to blue prints,cycle... We purchased a blue laser gun and pcb  driver board online/ seemed to match, was the correct board and the gun ,matched identically to the original. We installed it, actually didn't take very long. But when we got it back together, after 1 small error fixed, it warmed up with no errors. We were told that all we had to do was a data initialization and initial setup and balance and we would be all set. But after initialization from our backup, we ran the first print and we only got white paper. seems like there need to be more of a setup of a new laser gun ? Not sure? Or is it something separate like the lvds cable not getting the signal from the pc, or the fiber optics, next to the lvds on the laser side, which were no doubt at least minimally jostled when removing the cable to change the blue gun? we do have the Noritsu self check on the computer, it is erroring out on the first item which is LVDS/ARCNET FF. Today , i unseated and unscrewed the Lvds cable, and restarted the unit and in the selfcheck all of the categories actually said ok, we then ran a daily, still white. them looked at the selfcheck again and now it was erroring out on the lvds/arcnet item line 1. tech also noticed the pics we took before repair showed fiber cables below lvds cable and after repair they are above lvds cable, for what thats worth. all that said we are super frustrated and have lots of screen shot pics tp provide.

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Go into to output check, engine section, and turn on each laser one by one, check the polygon mirror frequency.

If the frequency remains at zero or is unstable, it means either the AOM driver is bad or the laser head is not properly aligned.
It could also be a bad AOM crystal or a weak output from the laser head.

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Thanx for the help. we did like you said, we went to output check and took the polygonal frequency reading of the red,green blue individually. r,g both jumped right to 1380,stable and the blie was zero. then we swapped the top and bottom aoms, which all 3 are almost brand new, and still got the same zero reading on the blue laser only. Aside from putting the blue laser gun and board,(and moving all the wires and connectors on top), we just lined the gun up with the little locator pin, but did no calibration and allignment of the new blue laser gun. We asked for some install instructions or procedure with the new gun/board but the seller insisted that it was basically plug and play, with only the initialization and initial setup. Just seems like it is missing something. Still seems like some type of acrnet error, but selfcheck had no errors, until arcnet error message popped up. Still no errors when qss opened.

is ir possible that the fiber optics or lvds cable directly attached to the laser is a problem?

added are a few pics of what we have found






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ARCNET is good. You have one error on price unit. All that can't effect laser board.

Your image processing doesn't work properly, but it can't effect B laser synchronization.

On output check all laser synchronization should be 1380 and it should be stable. On R and G 1380 appear immediately. On B 1380 should appear in few seconds.

You have not Blue synchronization when faulty, or doesn't work B laser head, when B laser alignment is not correct, faulty AOM crystal, faulty AOM driver, or faulty laser control board. I think your B laser alignment is bad. Ask head supplier and he explain how to do it correctly. This support you should get from seller. 

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Thank you for the response. machine super complicated and very frustrating. It seems like it is so close to working. i think you are probably right, when we installed , tech who installed commented "wow that was easy, there must be more to it". I guess he was probably right, all we did was unscrew it and replace it with the other. Seemed like there was a small locator pin , but that was it. we have install info as:

-Change the laser gun, align the light

-Initial Setup (intensity, gamma,...)

-Mechanical adjustment. (is not possible to do this before initial setup)

but these seem vague and we need help with the aligning of the light.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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Ask your head seller and they explain how to do all correctly. One my customer last week had exactly the same problem on QSS3202 ( no B synchronization after head replacement ) . I step by step guided them and they adjusted everything. Your head seller have do the same.

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We now have the laser alignment info , but the install diagrams only show the final parts of the procedure on a 37 series. Does anyone know how to get the top of the laser , with all the connectors, wires/boards while still keeping the unit running to adjust the new gun? Do we just loosen and move the top panel out the way , but still keeping it connected. We figure the lvds cable doesn't need to be connected for the alignment.

Has anyone done this and can help?please




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Yes, LVDS need only to print images. To make alignments and test laser you do not need LVDS. That is the reason why your image processing error can't effect laser synchronization.

Ask your head seller. They have to help you to install print head on QSS32. I know and can explain how to adjust everything, but it will not be free. Why  should I waste my time, when here is not my laser head. Write private message, if really need a help.

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