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Fujifilm frontier sp1500 + frontier 350 - sp1500, can work scanner alone


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Yes, SP1500 can use stand alone ( without printer - only scanner and server computer ) . Check scanner software version. If it is 7.6, or older then just on scanner maintenance menu select stand alone mode. If version 7.7 then need downgrade version, or connect scanner through FMPC.

Server computer can use the same. Do not need to make any changes there.

LP1500 printer can work stand alone also. Fust need to disconnect scanner and add FMPC .

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Thanks for replay now i have 6.0-0E-742 vesion on scanner (windows nt) mabi you know where i will dowload a new version of program ? 

I am looking the manual but I haven't got any instruction... Please if it posible to write step by step 

Thanks for replay 

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On scanner computer should be Windows NT. Can't use newer Windows.
Do not need other software version. If on your scanner installed version 6.0-0E-742 then go to maintenance ( SE2, password 7777 ) . There disable printer. Agree to restart and after that can use scanner stand alone.
Scanned images will be transferred into your server. Do not need to make any changes there.

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