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Fuji LP 7500 error 6106-1


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Good morning, for a few days now and then my Fuji LP 7500 gives me the error 6106-1 and the first photos come back to me with a green cast then as I continue the colors stabilize then after an hour I print again and the first prints come back with a green cast green then they restabilise. I attach some photos to the description, thanks in advance.






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4 hours ago, yustas said:

Il tuo laser verde è guasto e deve essere riparato.
si tratta di un problema comune con l'unità laser della serie QSS37 (LP7500/LP7700).

Where is the green laser located? do you have a diagram for disassembling it? How do I send it to you and how long do I have to stop working? how much does everything cost? Can I buy it new without shipping it? and if so how much does it cost?

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There is a laser exposure unit inside the printer processor. 
There is no need to replace the whole laser because only one part is faulty - green laser module. 
I recommend asking a help of a service engineer who knows how to replace the laser module.
If you do not have a service engineer you can try to replace the module by yourself but it requires minimal knowledge of ESD safety precautions not to kill the electronics with a static.
Please send me your inquiry to info@minilablaser.com to receive more details.

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On 11/1/2024 at 17:19, yustas said:


I have a problem with the green laser, I attach the photos to understand what type of laser I have, I would like a new or refurbished quote to have it in Italy. Thank you


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