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Noritsu V30 Dryer Roller Problem


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Hi all, Good day!

I've been having white dry spots on my negatives.

I've removed the dryer rack and ran a 120 test roll (these rolls seem to have the most spots) and no spots are visible.

So far I identified 2 rollers who might be the culprit. After wiping them down carefully the problems where less for 1 roll then returned. (the white rollers)

I can't seem to find these rollers on my parts list tho. Any help would be great.

Using a Noritsu v30


Thank you in advance




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Yes it is just a standard metric M4 sized screw, that is removed by turning it in the counter-clockwise direction. If you can get one side unscrewed you may be able to rotate the brass shaft with a locking type pair of pliers if the screw head is damaged.

Sometimes these screws can be very tight, you really need a JIS screwdriver to fit the heads of these screws properly.

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