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I have a Fuji lp 7500 machine and I have stripes in the picture. I will attach a picture so you can see what it is

kobi ben

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Oh, sure...
LP7500 is a full analog of QSS3702 in the exposure section where only the green laser has a corresponding AOM driver.
Why I saw LP7200 I have no idea.. 🙂
So perhaps a green laser is making such noise because the quality of the scan is not good and not clearly visible the color of the blur - cyan or magenta.
Anyway, check the AOM driver first.


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Yes, I doubt that there is a problem with green. As for me- I see here the problem with cyan.
Perhaps I am wrong, but I see no problem with magenta...

Never use the photos without blurred eyes for public access.

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1 hour ago, kobi ben said:

Do you mean it ?


Yes, but scan it on a fladbed scanner at 400dpi so it can be seen clearly. You can upload it to wetransfer and share the link on here.

Also do the test in  Maintenance → Self-diagnostic → Image Path Check

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